Just need a simple, flat price for a website?

Okay… we get that sometimes you just want a simple price to budget around (or get a 3rd quote to force another supplier’s hand), so here are a few set package prices. They are based on our experience of common jobs in the past. Either clients want us to bang out something quick at the lowest possible price, or they want to micro-manage all aspects and send us lots of changes over several revisions. If you work around these limitations and fit in with us, then you can have one of these. If you want to know what it will cost for a 3-page site with lots of changes and thing you’re over-paying with our 15-page package, then please build your own custom quote on the “Build a Quote” page.

Add some extras:

HTML, instead of WordPress:

R2,500 per site.

Create in static HTML instead of WordPress. This means that no monthly maintenance required because there are no plugins, themes or core updates to perform. Blogging still available, but Impasto will have to load the blogs instead of client doing it. (R100 per blog)

Please note that this may not be possible if you have requested a custom feature to the site that requires WordPress to run.

WordPress maintenance

We manage the health of your site. Running updates to the WordPress core, plugins and themes can be scary. The risk of something going wrong and leave you staring at a blnk white screen of death is very real. Leave it to us. Don’t stress. We’ll have sleepless nights for you.

View maintenance pricing here.

If you exceed the limitatons of the package, you will be charged as follows:

Additional pages R550 per page
Additional poducts R150 per product
Additional blog posts R150 per post
Upgrade to a custom form (using a free plugin) R1000
Upgrade to a custom form (using a purchased plugin) R2500
Additional changes R350 per half hour
Product photography R200 per photo / R4,000 per day

Please note: If you make a request to upgrade your package limitations, the charges will be automatically added to your final invoice.

(Your waiter at a restaurant doesn’t keep checking if you’re okay with the price when you order an item, and neither do we – we assume you know the price when you request a service from us)

Want a different pricing model?

We get it. Some people like to pay full price, upfront. Some like to spread the cost over time. No problem.
We. Can accommodate you.

Between packages, custom quotes and subscriptions, we are sure to hit your sweet spot.