No counting hours. No Quotes. No budgets spiraling out of control. Unlimited changes. No complaining.

What can I get in this unlimited package?

We will build you any website you need, eg: Online brochure, eCommerce, Membership and blogging sites. Landing pages. HTML newsletters for bulk mailers. Website security with maintenance. Updates. Changes. Backups. Advice, research and consulting (The internet is a very confusing place and sometimes needs some explaining)

We can work in multiple different platforms, eg: WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, Shopify and even good old HTML.

Email & premium hosting is included.

This excludes any cost of sales like production costs (eg: premium plugins) or outsourced costs (eg: a copywriter) or any purchases or rentals.
The good news is that if you are worried we’re going to put a fat markup on outsourced costs, you are always welcome to pay them directly.

 Why is this better than just paying, once-off, to have a site built?

Many sites we work on (especially eCommerce) are based on a good concept, but have no idea if it’s going to succeed or not. To pay for the creation of the site upfront is pricey and forces you to commit 100% to the project. After 3 months, if you haven’t achieved your expected goals, you can just cancel and walk away having paid a third of a traditional creation price. If the site is pumping with massive sales, then you don’t mind a monthly cost because you’re making money.

Website hosting is already based on this model: Do you want to build your own server at a high cost but own it forever, or do you rent a piece of an existing server at a low cost and give it up when you don’t need it any more?

How can we possibly achieve this?

No admin. No quotes. No invoicing per item. No timesheets. No faffing around with debates and discussions. We just get on with the job at hand. All too often, we spend more time quoting on a job than just doing it. This effectively results in double the amount of time spent on every job. If we drop the quoting, we can charge half price. No more padding jobs to make up for that wasted admin time.

Yes.. of course there are some Terms & conditions


Just one website.

There’s a big difference between 1 website, and 10 – even if you are a single company. If you have multiple websites for us to build & maintain, then you will need multiple subscriptions. The size of the site is irrelevant.


No agencies

Only one website/company per subscription. An advertising agency can’t sign up with us and then outsource our services to 10 clients to build 10 websites. (Well, you can, but 10 clients will be 10 subscriptions).  Same thing with marketing consultants, out-sourced social media account managers and so on.


Use it, or lose it, baby…

This is not a “rent to buy” model. It is more like a cellphone contract. When you cancel, you just walk away. You can’t transfer unused Vodacom airtime over to MTN. You can’t transfer our work to another service provider, so when you cancel, we shut it down.
Side note: We’re not robots or unreasonible. If you really want to keep the site but not use us anymore, we can negotiate and come to an agreement to hand over the site or account.


We host the site & manage the account

If we are responsible for the website being “up”, then we must manage the hosting as well, otherwise we can just point fingers at your hosting company and blame them for inferior hosting. How will you know if that’s true or not?
Also, if you log in, break something but not tell us because you’re embarrassed, then we could be in for days worth of troubleshooting to identify the problem.

No pointing fingers – if we break it, we fix it.

Want a different pricing model?

We get it. Some people like to pay full price, upfront. Some like to spread the cost over time. No problem.
We. Can accommodate you.

Between packages, custom quotes and subscriptions, we are sure to hit your sweet spot.